A day in fingerprinting II

December has provided yet another memorable customer interaction. Fortunately, though, it was not something I had to deal with in-person. Rather, over the phone.

She stopped by our office sometime in early December to complete a record review live scan per her lawyer’s request. Per usual, while capturing her fingerprints we were having a little casual small talk. During our conversation, she mentioned that the reason she is having this live scan done was for a pending misdemeanor case that she has going on. After the fingerprint process I explained to her that Department of Justice results are typically delivered in 1- 3 weeks but there are some instances where it can take a little bit longer.

Now let’s fast-forward to about 2 weeks after her visit. I received a call from a lady stating that she had had a live scan done in our a few weeks back. I asked for her name so I can access the information on her application should she have any questions. Turns out it was the same lady with the open case. Now, keep in mind that the tone of our phone conversation started off fine but would quickly. She mentions that she has received her background check results and that her pending was shown on her record print out. It is in that moment where the hysteria can be heard in her voice.

She frantically says, “I applied for Uber and their background check showed my pending case! How did they get this? It doesn’t make sense!”

I tried intervening when I could to let her know that we are in no way affiliated with outside companies when it comes to background check results and that I was unsure how Uber goes about their background check process for applicants. Unfortunately, no matter how much I tried to explain, she left no room for me talk.

“Tell me! How do they know?”, she says manically. “My case didn’t show up on the background check results I received in the mail!”

Her emotions started to take hold, and her voice began to crack. “I think I’m going to cry”.

With an emotional breakdown, she incoherently began to ramble on, but I could not understand a majority of what she was saying. By the sound of it, she was unsure how she is ever going to be able to work due to this case. I kept trying to calm her down, but she kept interjecting. A few moments later, she hung up on me.