Live Scan Fingerprinting Service

Live scan is an electronic means of capturing fingerprints for background checks required by the Department of Justice and/or FBI. Once your fingerprints are processed and sent electronically to the Department of Justice and/or FBI, the requesting agency typically receives the results within 72 hours.

FD 258 Ink Card Fingerprinting

Our ink card fingerprinting service is used for applicants who are applying for a license, job, or need to send their fingerprints outside of the state of California. For your convenience, our office stocks and provides the FBI FD-258 ink fingerprinting card as per your need.

FBI Live Scan Fingerprinting

FBI live scans are available for US Citizens and Permanent Residents for personal review and correction purposes, work or residence in a foreign country, travel, or legal procedures. Results are available in a couple of minutes to a few hours, or it can be mailed on security/tamper-proof paper and can be acquired as early as 24 hours to approximately one weeks’ time.

Mobile Live Scan & Ink Card Fingerprinting Service

Our mobile live scan and ink card fingerprinting service is available for groups of 10 people or more. We are willing to travel to your location on a day and time of your choosing.

Passport Photos

You can get your 2" x 2" passport photos in only a few minutes and with no appointment.