What Is A Live Scan?
Live scan fingerprinting is an electronic means of capturing ones fingerprints in order to process background checks with the California Department of Justice and/or FBI.

How Much Does A Live Scan Cost?
Unfortunately, there is no one price fits all for live scan services. In order to get the exact cost for your live scan we will need to be provided with the ORI number listed on the “Request for Live Scan Service” form, as well as the level of service. You can always call us for an exact quote.

Government fees are as follows:

DOJ – $32
FBI – $17

* Additional fees may also be required (e.g., license or certification fees)
* Government fees may vary depending on the type of application.
*The fees shown above do NOT include our rolling fee and is not a representation of the total cost.

How Long Does It Take for my Live Scan Fingerprints to be Processed?
Typically, it takes about 72 hours for your live scan fingerprints to be processed through the Department of Justice and/or FBI. However, there are some instances where it may take longer.  

Will I Receive My Results in the Mail?
In most cases you will not receive your background check results in the mail. Your background check will be processed through the requesting agency shown on the form. The main exceptions are live scans done for Record Review & Visa/Immigration at the Department of Justice level. For these live scans, the results are typically delivered by mail in 1 to 3 weeks, but they may take longer.

Same-day Electronic FBI Background Reports are also available!

What do I Need to Bring with Me?
Prior to visiting our office, be sure to have your “Request for Live Scan Service” form (provided to you by the agency asking you to complete the live scan), a valid I.D, and method of payment.

Do I Need an Appointment or Can I Walk-in?
Our office does everything on a walk-in basis. An appointment is never required!