Ink Card Fingerprinting

WHAT is ink card fingerprinting?

Ink fingerprinting is the traditional way of capturing
fingerprints by rolling a person’s fingertips on an ink pad and then rolling each fingertip onto the prepared fingerprint card, creating fingerprint impressions.  As old school as it may seem, ink card fingerprinting is still widely used today for out of state licenses/permits, employment, visa/immigration, federal employment, and many other reasons. Unfortunately, not many fingerprint locations or police stations provide this service. But we can help!

ink card fingerprinting

What We Provide

Our Orange County office is one of the few fingerprint locations around that offers ink card fingerprinting. Our ink fingerprinting only uses the highest quality ink to make fingerprint impressions a breeze. Our staff are trained to follow strict protocols that meet state and federal level requirements. Our fingerprint technicians are backed by years of experience and are used to high volumes of ink card fingerprinting. We provide fingerprinting on the following forms: FD-258, SF-87, any state specific card, and any foreign country card/form. For your convenience, our office stocks the FD-258 cards.

Walk-ins Accepted Daily! No Appointment Necessary!

Quality Matters

To reduce rejections and provide the clearest fingerprint
impressions possible, we only use the highest of quality ink pads. The type of ink used can have a major impact on overall fingerprint quality. The ink pads we use are not only fast drying, but the ink is evenly distributed throughout the pad, reducing the possibility of smudging and any wanted mess. 

However, rejections with ink fingerprinting are an
unfortunate possibility. This is more common among people with skin conditions and the elderly population. For this reason, any person(s) that obtained ink card fingerprinting from our office and received a rejection notice, we will gladly provide another set of fingerprint cards for free. All we ask for is proof of rejection.

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Common Reasons For Ink Fingerprinting
Foreign Travel
Out-of-State Background Check Requirements
Federal Employment
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