We’ve Made Some Upgrades

We are excited to announce a massive upgrade to our Santa Ana live scan office. Our live scan office now provides a brand new and quick FBI personal background check report service! You will not find this type of fingerprinting service at any other facility!

What’s So Great About This New Upgrade?

With this new FBI DOCE Clew software, you can have your FBI Background Summary Report in hand in a matter of minutes. You no longer must mail your ink cards and wait for processing (which can typically take up to a month or longer!). All the results are delivered via a secure e-pick up site. Every individual fingerprint application submission is provided with a unique username and password specific to the individual being fingerprinted. Only after inputting the appropriate username and password can the results then be accessed for download. The username and password are intended for one use only.

Who’s it for?

You may be wondering for what intended purpose(s) this fingerprinting service may be appropriate for. This live scan fingerprinting service is a great option for anyone requesting an FBI personal review for their clients, or for personal use. It is also an excellent option for foreign travels, employers, or anyone else requesting an FBI criminal background check. No more having to deal with the messy FD-258 FBI ink cards!

What do I Need and How Do I Get My Results?

Not only is the fingerprinting process time significantly reduced, but the whole process is hassle free! No special application needed! Just bring in a valid ID during your visit. With the FBI DOCE software, results are available for print out the same day. Of course, there is still the option of having it mailed to you with an expected delivery time of 7-10 days.